Hi, I'm

Max Frimout.

Would you like some pretty noises in your ears?


Max Frimout is a musician from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a background in engineering physics. His methods for music production include the use of analog modular synthesis, field recording, composing with algorithms, digital processing of acoustical instruments and more. He performs live textural work and techno sets in an all modular environment.



Super proud to present this wonderful film by Thom van Alebeek featuring lasers by Modulaser. While we're getting ready for the release of my debut album 'The Mutalist' enjoy this lightscape with music made in collaboration with Quirijn Dees, featuring sounds recorded in the Studio BEA 5 of the Institute of Sonology. 


Video by Nihal Goel.

‘Coventry Carol’, a carol referring to the Massacre of the Innocents, live granularized in four takes. Harp and Vocals by Inge Frimout-Hei.

Harp & Electronics

A study on the manipulation via eurorack synthesizers of concert harp recordings for harp & electronics album 'Pool Night on the Moon', a family album by Inge, Kyra and me.

Isolation Sessions

Modular performance for the Isolation Sessions. FTWR X Effenaar X Dynamo.